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Electrosex is one of the most stimulating new sex toy innovations

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6 Channel Deluxe Electrosex Power Box
The Six Channel Electrosex Power Box is the king of electrosex boxes. It features six outputs, eac..
Alligator Clip Electrodes - Black
These electrodes are wires with alligator clips on the end. They're not recommended for use directly..
Amped Ass Cock and Ball Strap with Anal eStim - Black
Delight the senses with electricity into your ass and around the base of your cock and balls! This ..
Amplifier Cock and Ball Strap with Penis eStim - Black
Send electricity around the base of your cock and balls, and straight into your shaft! This set inc..
Awaken Uni-Polar E-Stim Gloves - White
Explore new possibilities for electro-play. Connect the Awaken Uni-Polar E-Stim Gloves to your Zeu..
Cock Shock Remote CBT Electric Cock Ring - Black
This powerful shock tool is like a puppy trainer for his cock! The wireless remote controls the ele..
Conductor Electro Conductive Estim Gloves - Blue
Electrify your touch and thrill your partner like never before with the Conductor Electro Sensatio..
Crush Electro Ball Press CBT Board - Black
This 10 mode extreme CBT ball crushing device is electrified internally, for intense sensations an..
Deluxe Edition Taser Tag 3 Way Electro Play Cuffs - Black
Three ways to electro play are at your fingertips with the Deluxe Edition Tag Cuff Set. An electro..
Deluxe Estim Strap On Harness Kit with Powerbox - Purple
The Fuse Silicone Electro Strap On Dildo is amply sized to satisfy your need for a fulfilling elec..
E-Stimulation Cock and Ball Ring - Black
Combining the best of 3 worlds, this superior cock ring has it all! First there is a smooth silicone..
Electric Wartenberg Wheel Estim Kit - Grey
Kick sensation play up a notch with an exciting electrical experience! This kit includes a Wartenbe..
Electrify It Kit
For a long time Electrosex play has been limited to those items mass produced specifically for elect..
Electrify Your Prostate Silicone Estim Kit - Black
Electrify your Sex Life with this Silicone Estim Prostate Kit! Everything you need to stimulate you..
Electro Anchor eStim Expanding Anal Plug - Black
This electrifying plug allows you to experience Estim and anal stretching at the same time! Add a s..